A new journey around romance, creativity, and money is about to begin.

Lisa Stardust
Mar 23, 2021 @ 2:02 pm
venus star point
Credit: Getty Images

The Venus Star Point (aka the Venus Sun conjunction) occurs on March 26th in Aries. This is the cosmic meetup of the sun and Venus in the same sign. It starts a whole new journey around love, romance, creativity, and money. Embracing and engaging what you love and desire is key. Move towards your passions and fiery sentiments in love. 

Below is your Venus Star Point horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Your love life is popping! Romance and passion are in the air, pushing you to move towards who and what you desire. Don't hold back! Stop walking—run to your relationship with open arms in order to experience the ultimate feelings and sentiments of romance. Then, you can soar high.


Open up your mind and heart to everything that you have been doing to block specific things from yourself and relationship. You might even consider writing out your thoughts (this will start intention setting in love) in order to see them on paper and bring them to life through manifestation.


This can be an amazing time for you to see the truth in your partnership. Life can be chaotic and challenging at times; however, your sunny outlook on life can help heal and change old ways of thinking or dealing with trauma when it comes to relating to your relationship or crush.


Making your relationship status public knowledge isn't something you want to do (after all, you're a very private person). However, if you announce your singleness then you may be able to attract a partner through a mutual connection. And, announcing your partnership will give you bragging rights amongst your peers.


Embrace living in the present. Let go of past traumas and heartaches to manifest the type of love that you want. Once you release the old, you'll be able to create the world and relationship that you've been craving. You can make the life you want. Move towards it.


It's time for you to get deep. Be careful not to fall in the rapture, as you'll want to jump headfirst. The caveat is that you may be fearful of moving forward now that you've gotten what you wanted in your relationship. Take your time to feel things out.


This transit will affect you the most, being the most relationship-oriented zodiac sign. You're finally coming clear about what you want from love and partnerships. Now, you can make sure that the person you're committed to lives up to the standards that you have in mind for the relationship.


You do not have to work super hard to have the life that you want. Take a step back from your career and office politics. Use the extra energy that you have and focus on creating a manageable daily lifestyle that works best in sustaining your relationship for the better.


Your romantic heart is looking for new and novel ways to be seen. An amazing creative project can help you assert your heart and emotions in a more concrete and direct way, which can bring your boo and you closer. Also, it will make you master your artistic sentiments, too.


Home is where your heart is this spring (and for many years to come). Be prepared for long snuggles on the couch and breakfast in bed with the person you adore. You can also do minor renovations or redecorating with your sweetie for fun as a way to bond together.


Get ready for your love life to spice up! You're changing the way you communicate with your S.O. or crush. Rather than being aloof, you are expressing your emotions and not repressing your feelings. Things are getting hot and heavy now that you're opening up to the person you have feelings for.


Gaining respect from the person you're crushing on or in a relationship is important to you. You don't have to fight to get what you want. You can attain the admiration that you want if you stand your ground and don't sway your opinion in receiving the sentiment you want.