Expect to receive clarity when it comes to love and romance.

Lisa Stardust
May 05, 2021 @ 8:33 am
venus in gemini 2021
Credit: Getty Images

Romantic Venus will be in airy and communicative Gemini from May 8th to June 2nd. During this time, you can expect to come to major clarity in love, relationships, and how you interact with others. The only downside is that you'll overthink your emotions instead of feeling them. Find the sweet spot in between your heart and mind to relish in love.

Below is your Venus in Gemini horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Instead of playing mind games with people you care about, try being direct. This will ensure that you can create a trustful atmosphere in which you can thrive in love. Don't resort to childish or manipulative tactics to get your way. Be cognizant of your partner's feelings to ensure happiness.


You are the strong and silent type when dating. However, these days, you are wanting to chat with your crush or significant other more than usual. You will be drawn to people who communicate with you 24/7 and share their opinions with you through endless text conversations.


Everyone has their eye on you due to your newly found popularity. The flip side to being known by your peers is that you will get the evil eye often or spoken about, as people are jealous of your fabulousness. Avoid the drama by focusing on yourself only, not others.


You don't have to sacrifice any part of yourself to be in a friendship or relationship. If you are wanting to give to a partnership, try to make sure that you're on equal footing and not giving more to your partner. This will ensure that everything is 50/50, not 30/70.


You're jumping into situations without thinking about what it entails. But, hey, nothing is new. Before starting or revisiting a friendship, try to see the person you are investing time in with a clear lens and perspective. Then, you will be able to make informed decisions in relationships and love.


This is your time to shine. Asserting your needs and attaining confidence will boost your relationship to new heights—especially the one that you have with yourself. Don't be afraid to change the way you feel about a situationship or your partner. You are entitled to alter your feels based on their actions. Take your power back in the relationship.


You're yearning for adventure in romance, which means you'll feel inspired to hit the road on a trip with your boo. Your heart will reach new heights and depths by sharing brand new experiences with your partner. Excitement is in the air. Stop overthinking and live fully in your partnership.


In true Scorpio form, you are yearning for closeness, instead of casual encounters with others. This means that you're diving deep into the well of emotions and not taking a breath for air. Have fun falling into the rabbit hole and rapture of love. See you in a few weeks!


Striking a balance with others can be hard, mostly because you're not known to be a peacemaker and always needing to make your views known. Rather than trying to sway others to your perspective and fight for your sentiments to be known, try compromising to find a compassionate middle ground.


Rather than taking a leap of faith, you're opting for practical and realistic connections. The caveat is that romance isn't an emotion that is easy to understand. Instead of overthinking with your head, lead with your heart and emotions. What makes sense to you may not be what you expected.


You are in love with love. While this sentiment is super unlike you (being a critical air sign), it's time for you to open your heart or keep on connecting with your special someone. You will be glad that you let yourself take a leap and gamble on tender emotions.


You may be guarded as to who you share your emotions and heart with. Keep in mind that you don't have to extend yourself to everyone, only to select members of your inner circle. This will allow you to trust more people without worrying about the outcome of opening up.