Money and love will be on your mind.

Lisa Stardust
Apr 20, 2021 @ 2:35 pm
taurus stellium 2021
Credit: Getty Images

On April 19th, a stellium in Taurus occurred. But what exactly is a stellium? It's when three or more planets are in the same sign for a period of time. This particular cluster of planets is in Taurus (the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus will all be in the fixed earth sign for several weeks), which means that you'll be extra focused on love and money. Also, unwilling to compromise your feelings and beliefs.

You can change your visions, if you allow yourself to open up to new possibilities during the new moon in Taurus, when the energy of the stellium hits a high on May 11th. Below is your Taurus stellium horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Getting your finances in order is never easy. However, you'll be able to organize your personal debts and get a handle on your assets. Don't be afraid to ask for help—you never know who'll offer assistance in helping you to attain financial bliss and freedom over the next few weeks.


You're taking unconventional means in getting yourself noticed by your special someone. This may mean that you're love bombing them with sweet messages or sending them flowers to get their attention. Stepping up your romance game will yield big rewards if you are willing to do the work for love.


It's time for you to do all the work involved in healing your shadow self, or at least start trying. This will require you to get deep and face your fears, which will be uncomfortable to do at first. However, over the next few weeks you'll be able to heal.


Even though it's been a moment since you've seen your squad in person, it's time for you to have a social distant walk or hang with them. You may get overemotional when you reconnect, as you're over the moon to see them and hear them laugh IRL.


Many professional opportunities are coming your way, letting you have the pick of your litter in how you want to advance your career. This can lead you to success beyond your dreams, but only if you allow yourself to think carefully about the right path for you to take now.


It's hard for you to see the errors of your ways, but you're opening your eyes to past situations and wanting to right your wrongs. This may make you fanatical, which will lead to over-the-top righteous declarations. Get off your soapbox, apologize, and let go of the negativity.


Instead of spitting nails because you are losing control of matters, embrace the opportunity to not have so much of a hold on others. There is a beauty in letting go and allowing things to happen as they occur without being able to plot your way through them in advance.


Relationships will feel rockier than ever, which is why you'll be drawn toward taking a different approach to mending arguments with those you care about. The roller coaster ride will have its ups and downs, awakening you to all of the emotions that you're feeling deep within but cannot express.


It's hard to get your daily routine going. Rather than taking walks, you're opting to lay in bed all day. Allow yourself to have rest and don't be critical of your need for a calm time. After all, you need a moment of chill to regain your energies for the season.


Romance is in the air, making you want to run toward love. With the spring breeze comes the promise of leveling up an existing relationship or becoming closer with your partner. Plan a few intimate dinners for two and embrace all the TLC they are giving to you right now.


You are expanding in the realm of wealth and financial opportunities in life, which will elevate your desire to redecorate your home. This can open new doors in this area of your life, which can help you save up money (and help you invest in your home).


Do not be afraid to express your self-worth. The more you assert your awesomeness, the closer you are to being seen by others. Even if it's scary to demand attention and have high standards, it'll help you move closer to your goals. You may get exactly what you ask for.