Plus, how to sleep like a baby once and for all.

Lisa Stardust
Mar 15, 2021 @ 1:49 pm
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Sleep habits, according to Zodiac Sign
Credit: Jasmine Purdie, HelloGiggles

March 14th to March 20th is Sleep Awareness Week.

Since Sleep Awareness Week began yesterday, March 14th, at the start of Daylight Saving Time (when we lose an hour of sleep), it's important to understand your sleep routine to ensure that you get enough rest since an hour has been taken out of your sleep schedule.

Good news is, astrology can help you get the 411 on how you sleep and why you may have trouble sleeping, as every sign has different attributes and needs around rest. For instance, some zodiac signs (like Taurus and Libra) require extra hours in bed, while others (Virgo and Capricorn) rise and shine after resting for the minimum amount of hours at night. This can help you make changes and allow you to find the right groove that works best for your life. So if you're interested in learning more, below are each zodiac sign's sleeping habits, and the products you should buy to help you fall asleep easier.


If you can't get a good night's rest, then you're not functional at work the next day. Your anxiety may get the best of you in the evening, as you're thinking about what you can do better tomorrow. Don't make lists at night. Read a book to rest your eyes.

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You love your rest. You have a reputation for working hard, which means that you need at least eight to 10 hours of sleep. If not, you're not fun to be around. Curl up on the couch after work is over, and take a quick power nap that won't interfere with sleep.

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It's super important to turn off your electronic devices before falling asleep to ensure you have a moment to destress. Disconnecting from the world will allow you to have a moment's peace and rest before hitting the hay. This will ensure a good night's rest that will last between eight to 10 hours.

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You come alive at night (after all, your planetary ruler is the moon). Therefore, falling asleep at a particular time may be hard. But, once you get into your deep slumber, you'll be hard to wake up. Try taking a few cat naps during the day to get more rest.

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In your off-seasons (fall and winter), you tend to hibernate in an effort to save up all of your energy for the summer. All of your sleep in the other seasons, however, will give you a lot of energy in the hot days of summer—that's when you'll require less sleep.

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You're more likely to toss and turn in the night than the other signs. The reason why is because you tend to rethink and go over all the drama and aspects of the day before you fall asleep. Before you jump in bed, take a moment to disconnect and unwind.

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You're not lazy, but if you don't get 10 hours of sleep at night, then it can be hard to be around you during the day. Creating balance in your sleep schedule will be hard, but once you maintain a regular sleep schedule and don't take naps, then you should be golden.


You can function on minimal sleep during the weekdays. However, once the weekend comes, you'll have to sleep in an extra hour or two in order to ensure that you get enough rest. Meditating before and after sleep will boost your vibe and allow you to have a restful slumber.

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A few hours here and there is enough rest to satisfy your fiery sentiments. But, when you do, you sleep with one eye open (so to speak). After all, you are the cosmic defender of the universe and you have to always be on guard. There's little rest for heroes.

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You're an early riser, which means that you tend to fall asleep earlier than the other signs. The caveat is that you often don't sleep a full night, as your thoughts get in the way or bring you lucid dreams. Try taking a warm bath before bed to release tensions.

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"Work hard, sleep hard" is your motto. But, it takes you a while to get into a deep slumber. Watching a nostalgic movie will help you fall asleep. Don't watch a flick in the middle of the day or take a nap—it will keep you up all night.

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As the dreamer of the zodiac, you require sleep to see the world through a different scope and embrace its beauty. This is your time to live through your imagination and subconscious. You can sleep more than 10 hours if exhausted and never want to wake up in the morning.

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