This transit is asking you to think about the kind of energy you want in your life.
saturn retrograde 2021
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Saturn retrograde in the sign of Aquarius is urging you to make major karmic choices that will affect your life for many years to come. From May 23rd to October 11th, you'll be assessing all commitments and navigating the new direction you wish to take. It's time for you to think deeply about your future and what energy you want to keep in your life.

Below is your Saturn retrograde horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Friends come and go, but your ride or dies will remain loyal to you. You will have a few acquaintances who've recently haven't been readily available to you reappear. It's up to you to decide whether or not you feel like engaging with people who aren't 100% by your side.


Your role at work is transitioning at the moment. This means that you are rethinking whether you would like to take on a management position or remain in the same situation. Before you make any moves, though, think about the direction your career is taking in the long run. Then, decide.


Your mind is always evolving and thirsting after new information. Committing to a fun class or online course with friends will allow you to not only learn more but quench the mercurial desire to attain knowledge and insights. Don't be shy! Raise your hand in class and be the teacher's pet.


Creating boundaries with those you care about is always hard, especially since you're necessarily not someone who's good at implementing them and respecting other people's limits. However, you're seeing that it's important to have a structure in these partnerships. During this transit, you'll learn how to mutually respect others and vice versa.


Romance has been put at the forefront of your mind for the past several months—and it still will be during this time. However, you are redefining what relationships mean to you and how to have a long-lasting partnership with minimum drama, mutual respect, and a whole lot of love.


Yes, we know that you love your daily routines, but you don't have to commit to them 100%. It's okay to sleep in for a few extra hours or hit up another coffee shop in your neighborhood. Don't stress over mundane matters. Change up your regular scheduled activities a little.


It's been a minute since you've had fun and hung out with your friends. Instead of dwelling on how much you miss them and wish you could chill—make time to do it. Go out and enjoy the spring weather together. Soak up the sun and have some laughs.


Your home life has been less than satisfying over the past few months. However, the opportunity to improve on matters is here. Use this time to redecorate or recommit to a living situation. If it's totally not working, you can get out of it without a hitch. 


There seems to be a lot of chatter circulating around your peer group at the moment. Instead of engaging in the gossip, try to be factual and realistic in the tea that you hear. If you are receiving information that doesn't feel or seem right, chances are that it isn't.


Rather than focusing on how much money you and others have, give a lot of your energy to making incentives toward building your empire. This way you won't feel as though you're lacking in the finance department and on equal footing with your competitors, due to your confidence and ego flourishing.


Instead of putting pressure on yourself to be an austere adult all that time, try lightening up your vibe. Embracing your inner child will be helpful in manifesting your dreams and goals. As a matter of fact, you'll even lean into a wish that never came to fruition until now.


It's never too late to reflect on the direction you want to take in regards to your life. Think of this as a blank canvas in which you can paint your own story. You are the only person who can control your own destiny. Now is the time to start!