There's no better time to focus on your needs.

Lisa Stardust
Apr 06, 2021 @ 3:11 pm
new moon in aries 2021
Credit: Getty Images

The Aries new moon occurs on April 11th. This passionate luminary aspects Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. The assertive planetary mix is urging you to take action around attaining your personal goals. The issue is that you'll do whatever is necessary to make sure that your dreams come true, which can lead to competing interests and vibes with others. Words of advice: focus on your needs and desires alone. Don't pay anyone mind; they're just a big distraction on your road to success. 

Below is your new moon in Aries horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


It's time to take the direction of your career seriously (well, more so than ever). The caveat is that you may want to beat out the competition and do some unsavory things at work to make your mark. Before you do anything that's immoral, try to evoke your higher self.


Your visions are coming to light during this luminary, making you want to bring them to fruition. Take note in your dream journal to ensure that you can listen to your subconscious throughout mundane activities. It may help you achieve your inner desires more than ever on a real level.


Setting boundaries with friends is more important than ever, especially since you have let your acquaintances take advantage of you. Once everyone in your crew knows their limits, you can create a healthy relationship with them to move forward with those you care about in a healthy and better way.


A new opportunity is presenting itself to you at work, allowing you to take the lead in the professional scope of your life. Before you commit to the exciting position, make sure that it's the right gig for you. If you commit too fast, you may overlook the red flags.


Broadening your mind isn't hard, but dealing with people who don't share your views can be. Before you jump down someone's throat, hear them out and have a conversation about the situation. Don't be too judgmental. Having an open mind means hearing out others' POVs, even if you don't agree.


Your business prospects are taking a more solo approach, allowing you to dive inward on an emotional scale. Possibly looking into more integrative projects and keeping your focus on psychological self-discovery might be what serves your insatiable thirst for knowledge at this time and even help elevate your creative professional opportunities.


Love is heightening your passions, making you express your deep feelings to your crush/partner. Make sure that they are on the same page as you, before asserting your heart and plans for the future. Don't worry, Libra. Odds are, they will want to run off with you into the sunset.


Your daily routine could use some sprucing up. It's not that you don't have plenty to do, but you are finding that you are bored in doing the same old activities every day. Add a little adventure to the mix by taking a day trip out of town by yourself.


If you play your cards right and lean into the higher vibration of the energy, you could reconnect with a youthful vision that's been put on the back burner. Take a chance on the past and assert your energy into achieving the goals that you've dreamed of for many years. 


Your personal beliefs are changing, making you more aware of matters that surround you on a global level and allowing you to see how these situations can affect you. The good news is that you are ready to transform and move toward a greater version of yourself. It's time to move toward growth.


There are power struggles at the office that you want to mend. The truth is that you should not have to play therapist at work. If people aren't feeling each other or getting along, then you should stay out of the drama no matter how tempting it is to interfere.


Taking stock of your finances and making plans is the key to keeping your cash flow rolling. You don't have to change any of your spending habits, but you should consider saving your pennies for the summer when you'll have a reason to spend your money on a pricey item.