Your emotions will be going on a wild ride.

Lisa Stardust
Mar 10, 2021 @ 4:46 pm
mercury in pisces 2021
Credit: Getty Images

Mercury splashes into Pisces from March 15th to April 3rd. It will boost your imagination and your paranoias. The information you hear and give may not be 100 percent legit, as Neptune (which is known to add emotion and personal sentiments to information) is in aspect to Mercury during this transit.

Mercury makes its exact conjunction to Pisces on March 29th, which will make your creativity, imagination, and emotions go wild. It's a moment when you may want to check in with others who are struggling, as this transit can bring deep emotions to the surface. On March 25th, Mercury squares the Nodes of Destiny, which will start off the anxious sentiments. Resting your thoughts and sentiments around this time is key because it can lead to anxious thinking if you don't.

Below is your Mercury in Pisces horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Dreams have the power to become reality. As long as you keep the focus on the task at hand, you will be able to bring your visions to life. Focus on manifesting what you truly desire. Doing this will allow you to attain greatness, power, and strength within yourself now.


Your professional goals are changing and deepening. All the more reason for you to make transformative efforts to take your business to the next level. Now is not the time to hold back, rather a moment to incorporate your hopes, wants, and wishes into something that can be life-changing.


It's time to open up and speak your mind. Don't refrain from having discussions on social media about things that are on your brain. You'll even be praised for your openness and candor by your peers and colleagues. After all, that takes a lot of bravery.


Friendships are changing now, as you're seeing that you can't fully rely on some members of your crew. Letting some of your pals go won't be easy, as you are a loyal friend. However, it may be necessary to cut off the emotional dead weight and disengage from your frenemies.


Pay attention to the messages that the universe is bringing to you now. You may find that your next vision or direction in life is coming to you, making you want to move toward your passions. Your intuition will help guide you, if you are ready to embrace your dreams.


Romance is blossoming and going strong. You may want to send your crush/S.O. a love letter to let them know how deep your feelings are. They will totally fall deeper in love with you (and vice versa) as a result. Fall into the rapture with sweet words and emotions.


Your day-to-day life is busier than ever, but you're more exhausted than usual (which is making it hard to do your errands). Allow yourself time to heal and relax. Don't push yourself to the limit right now. Nothing will be accomplished if you stress yourself out and don't rest.


You're wanting to take a major leap of faith and invest in a project that you are strongly feeling drawn to. Before you make your bet or risk it all, make sure that you've assessed the situation from all angles and that you're willing to take a high-stakes chance.


Your beliefs are shifting, which is making you feel more anxious than ever. It's not that you are scared of evolving, but what you believed in isn't reality. Seeing this happen and manifest IRL will challenge your ideology, as you are feeling that you can't trust your sentiments and instincts.


Gossip is swirling and circulating around you. Before you engage in the rumor mill, ask yourself if you really care to invest all of your energy and time in understanding and engaging in the tall tales from your peer group. You have better and more important things to focus on.


Although finding the right words to express yourself may be hard and confusing, you are finally standing up for yourself and asserting your sentiments to others. You will be able to boost your confidence in the process, if you don't feel guilty for letting your feelings be known to others.


Your mind is more curious than ever at the moment, which means that you are highly imaginative now. Use this time to make art from your creative desires. Put the pencil on paper. Let your heart and mind blend together to make art from your finely tuned creative senses.