Communication will become clearer now.

Lisa Stardust
Jun 17, 2021 @ 11:59 am
mercury direct 2021
Credit: Yagazie Emezi, Getty Images

You can sigh in relief on June 22nd, as the second Mercury retrograde of 2021 (which is in Gemini) finally comes to an end. The story you've been dealing with since May 14th-when Mercury first entered its pre-retrograde zone, followed by the actual retrograde, which commenced on May 29th-will come to an end on July 7th when the retroshade phase ends. Communication is now becoming clearer and you are understanding relationships and having a better perspective. The story that started then will help you evolve to your new place in life.

Below is your Mercury direct horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


There has been a lot of gossip circulating through your friendship group, and you don't know what to believe. Now, you're finding that the person who started the drama in the first place is the one who's slinging the rumors, not the friend you accused. Make nice with your buddies to turn things around.


It's time to get your finances in order. Instead of spending $10 a day on fancy lattes, try making your coffee at home to save some cash. If you have a lot of money in the bank, you can buy something big and lavish to satisfy your lifestyle.


Your head has been in the clouds for the past few weeks-but it's time to wake up from the daydream and focus on reality and practical matters. Although it may be hard to deal with life at first, you'll be able to focus on things that matter now.


You've been focusing on private matters and giving your heart a rest. The next few weeks are going to prove to be the ideal time to get out of your bubble and talk about everything that's been going on with your friends. Stop hiding from life. Be open with others.


You've had a lot of drama with friends over the past few weeks. Most of which you've caused and some of which they have instigated. You may feel like connecting with them and making up. But, don't be too eager to make amends so fast. Feel your way through it.


All the commotion that you thought you were going to get is now available to you. The caveat is that you may not want it at the moment, as another opportunity has presented itself to you. Choose the more lucrative path that works best for you before committing to one gig.


Take a step back from life and look at things with a vibrant new perspective. The information that was revealed to you throughout the retrograde has lifted the veil from your eyes, allowing you to see things from a different perspective. Use your newfound information to your advantage and evolve.


This has been a highly transformative time for you, as you've understood a lot of what you need to change and let go of from your life. Don't slack off or stop doing the work just because the retrograde is over. Keep it going throughout the year to ensure success and well-being.


After reconnecting with your ex and kissing a lot of frogs, you are defining what you want from a relationship. Use the information that you've gained and everything your heart wants to find the person who is meant to be with you. You will find them sooner than you think.


You've been constantly busy over the past few weeks and in need of R&R. Take a moment to reassess your daily routines and allow yourself a few minutes to decompress. Don't do everything at once. You have all the time in the world to get your work done. Chill out!


Over the past few weeks, you've learned that romance isn't sad. Now that the retrograde is over, try to keep the spark alive. This means having late-night candlelit dinners with your boo or crush on a whim without having a special occasion. Keep the sentimental romantic vibe going strong.


Call up your friends and family members to have an open discussion about emotional matters that have been on your mind for the past few years. Express yourself and let your feelings be heard to ensure that you can move through problems and create a more sustainable relationship with them.