Truths will be revealed.
jupiter retrograde 2021
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Jupiter retrograde occurs from June 20th to October 18th in Pisces. During this time, you will experience moral and philosophical dilemmas that will require you to take a few minutes to figure out and assess. Your mind, which evolves at rampant speed, will need more time to assess and understand matters, as you are being shown things by the universe that you haven't seen before. Truths will be revealed, as well as the true intentions of others.

Below is your Jupiter retrograde horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


With all the secrets permeating your other people, it's easy to feel lost and out of touch. If you need to confront people, do so kindly. Your intuition is off at the moment, which may create confusion for you and dilemmas. Find out the information your longing for through civil conversations. 


Your friendship circle brings a sense of comfort to you, but you're seeing the difference between who your true blue friends are and who your casual acquaintances are. The line has and will be drawn in the sand. Give more TLC to those who matter, not the other way around.


Work may be at a high, but that doesn't mean you should slack off. Take your responsibilities seriously even if you are experiencing a temporary professional burn out. Instead of slacking off now, find a sense of passion in the work that you do to keep the creative juices flowing.


Taking a class or revisiting an old hobby will help you find a renewed sense of purpose. Opening your mind to something new (well, a former pursuit you always wanted to take on) will help you grow and evolve into a better version of yourself over the next few months.


Setting boundaries is important to do. But, sometimes, it's hard when you don't want to offend others-now is one of those times. Rather than dwell on how you should handle matters, grant yourself the kindness you give to others. You're learning. Things won't change overnight but in time.


You may feel as though your social circle is getting smaller by the day. That's totally okay. You need to focus on the quality not the quantity of friends. Stop stressing over drama that's not worth the effort or strain. Knowing who your true friends are is all that matters.


Getting control over your daily routine will be a growling experience; one that will create more anxiety than not. Start with a small task or errand that you can do every day. This will allow you to be in charge of the situations in your life that need the utmost attention.


Tone down the partying. Rather than going out every night with friends to the bar or happy hour cocktails, spend time doing something more constructive and creative. You'll be glad that you chose to embrace and use your artistry instead of going out for fun and hitting up the club. 


There are mini-dramas happening in your family. Things won't get easier over the next few months, but you'll be able to understand the way you relate and react to your brood. This will help you grow and evolve into the person you want if you give yourself a chance.


You'll be in a situation where your loyalty will be tested. Instead of talking about your friends behind their backs, say what you mean to their face. This will be a testimony to the way you feel about your friendships and allow you to avoid unnecessary drama with your besties.


Be careful about the way you spend money. You may want nice things (we all do), but you don't have enough cash to spend freely. Connect to a smarter sense of financial maturity to ensure that you make purchases that are based on items you actually need, not just want.


You're confused about the way you feel regarding everyone and everything in your life. Take a step back from making decisions and use the next few months to try to understand best approach to handling matters. This will allow you to get a better grasp and hold on your emotions.