It's time to be assertive with what you want.

full moon in scorpio
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The supermoon in transformative Scorpio occurs on April 26th. During a supermoon, the moon is hanging low toward Earth in close degrees called perigee. This makes the moon appear brighter and bigger than normal.

Since it's a full moon, you can expect the luminous glow to light up the globe and uncover truths in the process. Assertive Mars and rebellious Uranus aspect the evocative Scorpio supermoon, too, urging you to take action toward emotional growth.

Below is your full moon in Scorpio horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


As the most rambunctious and fiery sign of the zodiac, you are known to be assertive—that was until recently. Remember that you are way stronger than you know. Now, it's important that you let the world know. Flex your muscles and stand in your power during this intense luminary.


Your relationships are significant to you. And, you will do anything to ensure that they remain intact. Be mindful of how present you are during your interactions with those you care about. Open up, listen, encourage, and support those who need it the most. This will craft a deeper connection with your loved ones.


Working with a group can assist you with accomplishing results that are beneficial. It is important to associate with your colleagues; they consider you to be inventive and accessible. This luminary urges you to work with others to create visions that you have. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.


You will get support from people around you or from your general environment, which will be increasingly inventive and expressive. Others may encourage you toward a fearless and active frame of mind. Regardless of what you choose to do, you'll be taking more risks and chances during this luminary.


Being the ruler of the jungle, it's important to have your home be your castle. Manifest an inviting space in which you feel comfortable. That way you can revel in your home life and have a rich landscape to create your dreams in. And, room to roar when needed.


The thing about being super nice is that people can take advantage of your generosity and leave you feeling energetically depleted. Loving yourself a whole lot more will open your heart and soul to others who are deserving of your fabulousness in the future. But, it all starts with you.


Setting boundaries is necessary right now, to ensure that the lines that you've drawn in the sand are being respected. The same applies to you in the friendship and relationship departments. Don't overstep the limits and go behind your loved one's back to attain information. This will help create a mutually supportive partnership.


Figuring out the next moves to take in your current situationship or with your crush may cause confusion, as you're leading with your heart instead of your head. First things first, come clear on what you want and need in the partnership before expressing your emotions or making moves toward a commitment.


Everybody needs time to reflect—especially you, Sagittarius! After all, you are always running from one situation to the next without a moment to chill. If you need to, take a meditative rest and process the moves that you're wanting to make to ensure an amazing future with yourself.


You have the urge to chat with old friends, even though some time has passed and lapsed between the last conversations you've had with them. Feel free to reach out, but proceed with caution. Give them time to process the reconnection after all of the time that has gone by.


A work matter is coming to a close, making you rethink the direction of your career. The good news is that another professional opportunity is coming your way soon, giving you the chance to start on a different endeavor and make excellent moves toward evolving your career for the better.


The need for adventure is strong, which will force you out of your comfort zone. Take a leap of faith in exploring a neighboring town or learning a new activity online. You'll be urged to take risks that can ultimately expand your mind. Move toward evolution and intellectual advancement now.