Kit Steinkellner
January 25, 2015 10:35 am

Today we’re celebrating 24-year-old figure skater Ashley Wagner who, in her third U.S. Figure Skating Championship, made history by winning with a score of 221.02, the highest score ever for a woman at a U.S. championships event.

Whenever someone does something record-breaking and amazing, we always secretly hope they have some inspirational words of wisdom for us, an awesome quote we can keep inside our hearts and revisit when the going gets rough. And Wagner for sure has those words for us:

“This, of my three titles, this one tastes the sweetest. This is the one that means the most to me because this is the one that shows every single person that doubts me, every single person that says I’m too old, every single person that says I am not capable of being a leading lady. This shows them that they need to shut their mouths and watch me skate.”

Figure skating is one of the few things in the world where 24 is considered “old.” That said, her words ring true for anyone who’s ever felt like the world was against them and their dreams felt near-impossible to reach.

The haters are going to hate. We just have to ignore them and skate.

A billion congratulations to Ashley Wagner, inspirational hero of the day! Watch our girl kick butt and take names below!