Stephan Brusche, an artist for a travel agency in Rotterdam, uncovered something magical about ballpoint pens and bananas. He realized the ink of the pen flows very nicely on the surface of the peel. He drew a smiley face on the banana and posted it online. To his surprise, the photo garnered more likes than his work illustrations. The overwhelming response prompted him to keep doodling on hundreds of yellow peels. Stephan has captured each one in a stunning collection of Instagram photo. What does he call his art? Fruitdoodles, of course!

We’re drinking up the rich colors.

We love his lighthearted touch and heartwarming subject matter.

Of course, he also has a serious side too.

Watch him create a fire rooster in this short video. We promise you won’t be able to tear your eyes away.

First, he makes a sketch of his drawing on a piece of paper. Then, he draws it on the banana peel using a ballpoint pen. Next, he adds the swirls of paint and carves out the unwanted “canvas.” He peels back the excess layers. Voila! Instant heart-worthy photos.

Of course, the act of creation is much more difficult than it would appear. His level of creativity and imagination is outta this world. Not to mention, the precision and the ticking clock.

Oh yes – bananas do that annoying thing of rotting once you cut into them. So, the artist has to complete his masterpiece and snap a pic before it spoils like crazy. As a general rule, he finishes most pieces within one hour.

As for Stephan’s creative process and future plans, he said:

With a book, a calendar, a bountiful Instagram following and interest from the Board of Tourism of Ecuador – the largest exporter of bananas – we think you are well on your way!