Want to forget about your ex in a fun and artistic fashion? Well, the answer apparently lies in Photoshop.

To turn sad memories of the past into happy moments of the present, photographer Kaitlin Kelly has been Photoshopping her exes out of old photos – but that’s not all. In place of former partners, Kelly has been Photoshopping celebrities into her life history. Not because she wants to fool her friends, but because she wants to be able to laugh at the tense situations she’s overcome. “It’s really fun for me to turn kind of awkward memories into another kind of awkward, yet fun and silly, memory,” she told BuzzFeed. “I could look at the pictures again and feel happy.”

It all started when Kaitlin was reminiscing with a friend. She mentioned that she’d acquired many photographs that she loved, but couldn’t put them on display because her exes were in them. Then, her friend (brilliantly) quipped that she should cover them up with celebrities. And – lucky for us – that’s exactly what transpired.

But wait… we haven’t gotten to the best part: Kelly has decided to share her Photoshop talents with the world! Since the young woman and creative genius and healer of hearts has received an overwhelmingly positive response, she’s planning on opening an Etsy shop for those who want to reclaim their own images. (In fact, she’s already requested an Etsy page name!)

“Helping other women feel good about their situation was a huge bonus I never foresaw out of a night of drinking, movies, and dicking around in Photoshop,” the editing queen added. Since this project provided Kaitlin with an emotional release, she hopes to give others this same opportunity for catharsis. And to think, it all began with a joke between friends.

If you don’t want to wait for Miss Kelly’s store to open and are desperate for some breakup damage control, the artist says that you can contact her here. OR, you can get your own creative juices flowing by photoshopping the pain, awkward moments, and bittersweet memories away.

[Images via Twitter]