Anxiety’s a tricky thing. We all experience it differently. We all battle it our own ways. While no two feelings of anxiety are the same, we all do share one thing in common — it sucks. Often, the worst part about anxiety is simply putting it into words for others. Because how do you even begin to EXPLAIN what anxiety’s like to someone who’s not struggling with it? That’s why we are so incredibly thankful for illustrator Beth Evans, who has beautifully captured all the words we can’t. She’s taken the emotions that come hand in hand with anxiety, and transformed them into cartoons. Her drawings are simple, perfect, and so very honest. We adore them.

Evans is Daily Dot’s Comic Artist in Residence for this week, and she talked with them about her drawings, and what anxiety means to her.

“[Anxiety is] a bit of a chameleon,” Evans explains, “Sometimes it’s huge and overbearing, and sometimes it’s this annoying little creature that follows me around.” Taking that idea of a little creature, Evans turns anxiety into that — something that is a nuisance and will hold onto your leg for dear life. That’s NOT COOL, ANXIETY. GO AWAY. I wish anxiety could be shooed away like an annoying little sibling. But no, it’s not that easy.

Anxiety doesn’t seem so scary drawn up in Evan’s cartoons. If I were to try and put my anxiety into pictures, it’d just be like a scribbled black cloud and a sad face. Evan’s work is millions times better, and completely relatable on every level. That above one of the “Surprise! Panic Attack!” makes me laugh every time because yeah, that’s exactly what it feels like.

While anxiety might never go away for good, we can find comfort in Evan’s perfect little drawings. You can check out all her doodles on Tumblr, and she’s big into pop culture cartoons, too! Keep up the amazing work, because we’ll be watching.

(Images via here.)