Steph Barnes
Updated Oct 30, 2017 @ 1:14 pm

It’s Halloween weekend, and we’ve been seeing some amazing costumes this year. There are adorable couples showing off their love with matching outfits, and besties celebrating their boo-tiful friendships with funky BFF get-ups. But we all know more is merrier, and this year’s most epic Halloween costume definitely goes to Arthur and his gang. A group of friends came up with the idea to give the children’s classic an edgy CW-style twist, and the results have us wishing this was a real TV show. We’ve got Arthur and Buster, little sister D.W., and the rest of the gang including Francine, Muffy, Brain, and Binky.

The group’s costume was shared on Twitter by @DNkoola with the hashtag: #ANightInElwood — which we think would make an excellent name for a potential Riverdale-esque Arthur reboot.

How incredible are these photos of the Arthur gang though?

The dark, almost sinister look of the images is giving us major Riverdale vibes. We’re thinking A Night In Elwood could be a murder mystery that takes place in an old library with hidden doors leading to secret rooms, each room bringing the gang closer to finding out “whodunit.” Or maybe the gang could be a team hired by the local librarian to track down all the folks with overdue library books, BUT each delinquent user has a dark twisty tale. Of course, toss in the usual teenage romance drama, and make nothing as simple as it appears.

We’re just spitballing here. We know the chances of The CW actually picking this up is unlikely, but if the network ever does, there’s already fan art for the show.

And if anything could make this happen, it would be Twitter. Based on the feedback from these users, we know there’s already an audience waiting to binge-watch. false

This creative group of friends definitely won best group costume this year. Nailed it.