Gabriela Herstik
March 28, 2018 3:10 pm
Anna Buckley/ Emma McIntyre / Staff, Getty Images / Handout, Ian Gavan / Stringer, Getty

On March 20th, we entered a new astrological year. After the watery, emotional, and vaguely overwhelming season of Pisces, the fish, we moved into a new realm. Welcome Aries zodiac season! The fiery and intense zodiac sign is represented by the ram, and brings a sense of purpose and passion to our lives. Aries season, which lasts from March 21st to April 19th, is hot and it’s here to light our fire. How can you tend to your vision and manifest it into its truest and fullest colors? This astrological season is here to help you do just that.

To make the most of everything Aries, we talked to astrologer extraordinaire, horoscope queen, and founder of The MidheavenAmelia Quint. Our most pressing question was about what to expect from Aries season and its driven energy. Amelia says,

Channel this energy by using the clearing and banishing power of fire to remove what no longer serves you. Not only does Amelia mention starting new projects and creating strong boundaries as A+ Aries moves, but she also reminds us that spring cleaning is actually a thing for a reason. To make room for what we want to call in this year, it’s also to our advantage to let go of what’s no longer serving us. Clean your space, donate old clothing, have a “stuff swap” with your friends, cleanse your space using sacred smoke, or create an altar for new beginnings. Amelia also suggests a simple ritual using a white candle. She explains,

Work with The Emperor tarot card to unlock Aries season’s potential.

The tarot card associated with Aries is The Emperor. Both the card and the sign are ruled by Mars, an action planet associated with the way we move, fight, and conquer throughout our lives. This determined energy is seen in both. The Emperor is the structured and strong-minded partner to The Empress, whose intuitive and nurturing energy are only able to flourish because of The Emperor’s limits and ability to keep momentum going in the right direction. Since it’s the beginning of a new cycle, this tarot card is the perfect partner to anything you’re trying to manifest or call in. He allows us to work with the internal and external structures at play, so we can manifest at the best of our ability without unnecessary struggle. Place this card (or a photo of it) on your altar, desk, or bedside table and meditate with it to learn more about this archetype’s energy.

Use Carnelian to amp up your power.

Carnelian comes in shades of red, orange, pink, and brown, and it’s the perfect stone for getting us thrust into Aries season. Not only does it help stimulate creativity, it’s also a highly energetic and stabilizing stone that allows us to tap into our own power and move through the world — full steam ahead. It also helps us get clear about what we want, aiding in concentration so we can make the most of whatever we’re working on.

Listen to Lady Gaga to get into your fiery feels.

Aries season is also the perfect time for a visual feast for the senses. Think anything that’s going to inspire you to be bigger, bolder, and more extra.

Amelia also cites Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a bloody good film for the season; but don’t forget to look for “a gorgeous Aries-red dress on [her] fave, Winona Ryder!”

Channel your inner Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Vivienne Westwood this Aries season.

Aries season is asking you to channel your inner fashion chameleon, set your sights high, and get things done. If there’s one thing that Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Vivienne Westwood have in common it’s that they’re unapologetic with who they are. They use fashion as a means of self-expression and are sure of what they bring to the table. They’re activists and strong women who know that having an inner flame is vital for self-preservation. While Lady Gaga uses the stage to share this, SJP uses the screen and Vivienne uses the runway. Channel these women to tap into your own Aries energy, and use them as a reminder that it’s always worth being YOU.

No matter how you celebrate Aries season, may it be powerful and nourishing and propel you into a beautiful new year.