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When your horoscope app doesn’t have the answers, look to the stars for advice. And by that, we mean look to Gala Galactic, HelloGiggles’ resident zodiac advice columnist. If you’ve got zodiac questions, she’s got answers for Galactic Guidance: A Zodiac Advice Column. All you have to do is send your Qs to Happy stargazing!

Dear Gala Galactic,

Is it a good time to invest in a relationship if you are an Aries?

— M

Dear M,

You must already know, in asking this question, in putting it out into the Universe, that only you can answer it. Besides the simple fact that the Sun’s placement in Aries when you were born is not enough astrological information to gauge your astro-love possibilities (astrology studies many planets and stars in relation to a person, their birth, and their beloveds), the question of what makes something worth investing in—what makes something good—is entirely subjective. I’m not here to cop out or pretend there aren’t celestial portents of bad romantic weather ahead, Aries. I know you want it simple, short, and to the point. But most relationships, most people, are more complex than that.

See, I’m just wondering what you mean to get out of your investments. If you’re an Aries, you might be a gambler. More prone to letting your instinct yank your chains, you might imagine yourself an investor but find yourself living the life of a trader instead. In simpler terms, an investor holds their assets for long periods and allows them to accrue value. They consider and cultivate a substantial time horizon (i.e. the length of time an investment is made and held). A trader follows trends, capitalizing on the short-term desires of the market. Ask yourself, Aries, if when you say “invest” you mean stay for the hard stuff, and when I say “hard stuff,” I don’t mean the temper tantrums. I don’t even mean taxes. I mean the part of any relationship that makes it past trader-length, when the distraction of what is new and unknowable about the other person wears off and what’s left is facing your own self in relation to them.

Here is the part where I tell you, Aries, that the stars have an agenda. It’s not for nothing that Chiron, the wounded healer, has stationed in Aries this year and will stay in Aries for approximately eight years. There is a lot to say about Chiron but, ultimately, the most important thing to take away from Chiron’s transit is the recognition that our deepest wounds are the keys to our greatest powers. Chiron has different energy in different signs (and affects all people differently depending on their astrological chart), but it is worth noting that Chiron’s transit in Pisces attended to the wounds that permeate the collective unconscious. In Aries, Chiron goes back to the start, to childhood, to the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves that become our lives. In Aries, Chiron attends to insecure, avoidant, and anxious attachment, symptoms of rupture in the development of the relational self. In Aries, Chiron interrogates masculinity, what it looks like when it is dignified and integrated, what it looks like when it is a symptom of shame.

This one large collective aspect is reason enough to make you think twice about the relationships you begin this season—not because they are not worth it, but because it is possible that you might not be ready to show up wholly, to do the work, even if you’re ready to show up with a big smile and burning heart. In her book Paradise, Toni Morrison writes, “You do not deserve love just because you want it. You can only earn—by practice and careful contemplations—the right to express it and you have to learn how to accept it.”

Truth is, Aries, if you were feeling good enough and strong enough to let someone new into your big. beautiful inner world, you probably wouldn’t have even asked this question. I’m glad you did, even if you wind up leaping in and burning up like you tend to do. If you respect the person you are beholding, if there is a part of you that knows beyond knowing that love is more than a flame—it is a sacred work—then you know that something worth doing is worth doing right.

Gala Galactic