full moon
Credit: Mimi Ditchie Photography / Getty Images

Another month, another full moon. That’s just how it goes. Although at times we may take her for granted, there’s something comforting about knowing that no matter how chaotic the world feels, the moon is still waxing and waning. In this politically charged and frankly uncomfortable time, may we always remember that the earth and all her cosmic creatures are there for us. Whether we’re wishing on a star, or tracking our growth and evolution through the cycle of the moon and her phases, the cosmos remind us we aren’t alone in our journey.

On today’s Aries Full Moon, we have an invitation to work with this energy even more.

This full moon is a special one. This year, October’s full moon is the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon usually falls in September, when the full moon is closest to the fall equinox. However, this time around, it shall rise in October.

October is a special month in general, when the veil between this realm and the next is at its thinnest. The energy is heavier, it’s easier for us to commune with loved ones who have passed away, and our magick grows more potent. This full moon, we have the opportunity to work with this energy for whatever it is we wish to manifest.

Today’s full moon is reminding us that we deserve to fulfill our deepest desires. The sun is in Libra, an air sign ruled by Venus. Libra is all about balance, especially when it means being pampered and treated like royalty. In the rule of Libra, we’re invited to explore themes that Venus rules over — those of beauty, fashion, sex, and love.

Take a second to breathe into your second chakra. This chakra, or energy center, which means “wheel of light” in Sanskrit, is located about three inches under your bellybutton. This chakra rules over our emotions, our desires, and our sexuality. Like the fire of Aries, its color is orange. Breathe into this space and ask yourself what you want. What is it that you’re longing for? Maybe you think you don’t deserve it, that you’re unworthy of it, that it’s too much to ask. But is it really?

With this full moon in Aries, and the backdrop of fair, balanced, and loving Libra, we’re able to lift the veil from our shame. To lift the veil from our blockages, from whatever is holding us back from embodying and integrating pleasure, passion, love, and desire into our lives.

You can spend time around a campfire, recognizing the impending darkness that makes its way through the winter. You can read tarot cards, light a red candle and meditate on its flame, or simply sit and recognize the power that is already in you.

Your tarot Rx is the Nine of Cups.

If there’s a tarot card that represents wishes being fulfilled and desires coming true, especially ones of an emotional nature, it’s the Nine of Cups. This card is the wish card, representing when things fall into place and everything manifests perfectly. You can work with the energy of this card by meditating with it, putting it on your altar or somewhere where you’ll see it, writing about it, or by making it the background of your phone.

If you don’t have a tarot deck, you can still print out the card to work with. Take a second to imagine how it would feel to have your dreams come true. Channel the energy of this card while you feel this, and know that it is the truth.

Carnelian is the crystal of choice for this moon.

If you want to work with crystals this full moon, then any that are red or orange are a good choice. These stimulate our sensuality, passions, and creativity, while igniting our desires and clearing a path for them. An especially good stone to work with while the moon is in Aries is Carnelian. Carnelian is an orange/red stone that helps us put things into perspective, while encouraging and motivating us. It’s also a protective stone, aiding us in new beginnings and journeys of self-discovery. You can mediate with the stone, holding it in your left hand, or simply place a photo of one on your altar, desk, or bedside table to work with its energy.

Work with mantras to further channel your desires.

If you need a mental pick-me-up during the full moon, then try working with mantras. You can repeat your mantra whenever you need it, or you can meditate with it in the morning or at night. Choose something that feels right, or work with something like “I deserve to have my desires met” or “I am worthy of all the abundance this life has to offer.” October is a time to honor loved ones who have passed, so you can also work with a mantra like “I honor those who came before me and all the guidance they still offer me” if you want to feel connected to those on the other side.

No matter what you do, take some time to honor what you want and need. You are worthy of the stars in the sky, of your wishes being granted, and of all the love and abundance the world has to offer.