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Let’s be real. Puberty is HARD. And, growing up under the scrutiny of the public eye makes it all the more difficult. Ariel Winter, who began her career on the hit sitcom Modern Family, discusses these hardships in an in depth interview with Refinery29’s, Cat Quinn.

Going from being flat chested and “waking up with a D cup,” Winter confessed that she was always concerned with how the public was going to react.

Other outspoken critiques from social media and online outlets focused on the dress she chose for her graduation party. Ariel’s sideboob, not her accomplishments, were the focus of these stories.

Hateful comments aside, Ariel continues to see the positives in situations such as these.

While encouraging speaking out on body positivity issues, Winter took on the role as ambassador for Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign.

Although remaining body positive is hard at times (even Winters herself admits this), being comfortable in your own skin is one sure way to love yourself and help others find that avenue for themselves as well!