At first, you were probably like “30 Rock 4ever!” Then your attention quickly turned to Amy Poehler’s memoir and you were all like, “Yes, please!” So. Many. Feelings. While your fave funny ladies/spirit animals were making it rain in the news, there were pretty wild things going on between the headlines.

Before you prepare to digest all the cuteness known as The Puppy Bowl or the big game itself, here’s a look back at “The Week In WHAT?!” Well hello, February!

Ménage à #Fail
For some, the idea of a threesome can quickly become an obsession – the holy grail, if you will. So, when one guy received the approval from his fiancé to invite one of her female friends over for a tryst de trois, he jumped at the opportunity without hesitation. Unfortunately, thinking with his other brain left him in quite the pickle as he posted his extremely private video invitation to the lucky lady on a very public YouTube page. He has since removed the clip. On the upside, he can now impress all of his friends with the story about that time he screwed himself.

Slow Down Your Neighbors!
Slowpokes, rejoice! Colorado officials are contemplating a new speed limit for residential areas in Aspen of 14 MPH, which is slower than the pace of a 4 minute mile. The goal of the proposed change is to grab a driver’s attention and limit accidents. Subsequently, it will also prevent cheating in future 5K events and keep the local Claire Dunphys at bay.

They’ve Got Brains on Their Brains
Scientists are often mystified by how the human brain works, but their questions could soon be answered. A group of European researchers secured $1.6 billion to develop supercomputer technology that will emulate the human brain. The team hopes their findings will lead to a better understanding of how to treat Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders. Meanwhile, who else is ready for their own Rosie the Robot? Cheers to a Jetsonian future!

Watch Out! That Cat Can Kill…
Remember that environmentalist in New Zealand who proposed we eradicate domestic cats? Turns out the adorable fur-balls are causing more problems than originally thought. On Tuesday, The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the Fish and Wildlife Service published a new report outlining their findings that free-ranging domestic cats kill billions (BILLIONS!) of other animals each year. It’s not just birds in danger but mammals as well. The report further suggests intervention as a means of reducing the cat-astrophic impact. In the meantime, try to stay on kitty’s good side!

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!