Carly Lane
Updated Mar 09, 2015 @ 1:31 pm
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Big news on the Apple front — there’s officially a watch in town.

The Apple Watch, which was originally introduced as a seedling idea back in September, was the main subject of an Apple event on Monday (you know, the one Tim Cook slept in until 4:30 a.m. to rest up for). The event showcased more of the watch features as well as a few other notable new products and upgraded faves. Here’s what we learned about the watch:

There are going to be several different options of the watch to purchase, with different bands, different metals and different screen sizes. The starting price for the Apple Watch is $349. It’s the most basic option and will be mostly marketed to athletes. LBH, that’s already more than we wanna pay for a watch. On the other, more expensive hand — there will also be a limited edition version called the Apple Watch Edition — which, made in 18-karat gold, will cost you about $10,000. (Seems like this might only be a watch for the Kanyes of the world.) If you opt for the most luxe version of the Apple Watch Edition, that’ll cost you $17,000. SIGH. What is this watch?

For $17,000 what can the watch do? Can it fly? Can it do our homework? Basically the most compelling pitch Apple gave for the watch is that it will alleviate you of the burden of having to look at your phone because the updates will be sent to your wrist. PS if you’re planning to buy said watch you’ll need at least an iPhone 5 in order for the watch to work — the watch’s apps are stored on your phone.

Other features and highlights? You can draw on the face of your watch and have it show up on your friends watch, there’s a built-in Fitness tracker, you can pay for things with Apple Pay, you can use Siri, and make calls and send messages . . . maybe we’re being stodgy but it just kind of sounds like a tiny very expensive phone.

The public response to the Apple Watch has been mixed, at best. (Though we should note that the public response to the gold MacBook has been positive and we would like one please and thank you). We get that the watch looks cool in a futuristic type of way, but it’s SO much money. Wearing it would be highly stressful, and is a wee bit status-symbolly. And isn’t it basically just like our phones? Here’s what the Twitter peanut gallery is saying about the watch. Price is a big issue.

So basically, the watch is cool looking but like what? This isn’t something that real people can buy is it?

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch will start April 10, or you can join the masses waiting in line to pick up your very own on April 24.

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