Credit: Spin Master

We’re simultaneously baffled right now, and also laughing out loud, because apparently some people think their Hatchimals are saying something incredibly inappropriate. Like, really bad. According to The Daily Dot, some report that their Hatchimals have quite the potty mouths, and are even saying “f**k me.” Yeah, when we said inappropriate, we weren’t kidding.

Considering that Hatchimals were the most popular and impossible to get toy of 2016, this is pretty awful… and just a little bit funny. Honestly, as soon as Hatchimals came on the scene, people LOST IT, so the thought that the little animals are now throwing bad words around is the ultimate nightmare.

You just have to see for yourself.

Is this egg saying what we think it’s saying? We can’t say for sure, but we can say that the brand that created this bizarrely popular toy, Spin Master, released a statement regarding the many costumer complaints it’s had since the holidays.

For the most part, the complaints are about dead Hatchimals (now that’s a Christmas morning nightmare) and ones that hatched before they could even be unwrapped, but naturally people are pretty intrigued by the idea of foul-mouthed Hatchimals. The thought that Hatchimals are saying something incredibly inappropriate is just too weird to be true, but that video really threw us for a loop.

What do you think? Is 2016 just nonsensical enough that people thinking their Hatchimals are saying something incredibly inappropriate isn’t that unbelievable after all?!