Jill Layton
April 05, 2016 11:14 am

We all make mistakes. Some of those mistakes are bigger than others. Like, accidentally buying a tub of French vanilla ice cream instead of vanilla bean ice cream probably isn’t as big of a deal as getting a tattoo of something you’re going to regret wholeheartedly in five years.

But you may not have to live with that tattoo mistake, because thanks to a new app, it may never happen in the first place. InkHunter uses algorithms to allow people who are considering getting a tattoo to see what the tattoo would actually look like on their bodies before taking the forever plunge.

The app is basically like trying on a tattoo and deciding whether you like it or not. Like shoes, except shoes you can never take off (without a laser and shelling out tons of money).


“Our app will become a funnel which starts with people who are just thinking about tattoos, and ends with those who are confident in the tattoo they want and artists who can get it done,” InkHunter CEO Oleksandra Rohauhova told the Daily Dot.

Of course, not everyone who gets a tattoo regrets in. In fact, according to a 2015 survey done by YouGov, only 24 percent of Americans and 19 percent of British adults who have tattoos regret their decision.

But now, people can just be a little more sure before they get inked.