Rachel Paige
June 10, 2016 10:58 am

There are spoilers ahead for what A Girl has already seen, and what A Girl might see in the next episode of Game of Thrones.

We should be very worried for Arya right now. Jaqen H’ghar gave the order to have her killed, and Waif is more than eager to do just that. Currently, there are lots of theories out there as to HOW Arya is going to survive this nasty brush with death, and you can read all of those here. They’re good to know and keep in the back of your mind, but this next theory isn’t about Arya. It’s about Syrio.


Think all the way back to Season 1, when everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. Jon Snow had given Needle to Arya, Ned Stark wanted Arya to be trained to use it, so he hired a man by the name of Syrio Forel to teach her. He’s the one who gives Arya her ~dancing lessons~. LOL, JK, that’s just what Sansa thought was happening. Syrio was actually teaching Arya to stick her enemies with the pointy end.


But then, nothing was beautiful and EVERYTHING HURT, because it was assumed that Meryn Trant, one of the Lannister’s Kingsguard, had killed Syrio. This was the last we heard of him, and later, Arya killed Meryn Trant. Got that?

Let’s jump back to this season. A few extra images for the upcoming episode, “No One,” have been released. One of them shows Waif looking PRETTY PISSED, and there’s a shadowy figure behind her. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about this picture, except for the fact that one Reddit thread believes THIS  shadowy figure is actually Syrio.

(Seriously, click HERE to see the picture, because HBO hasn’t technically released the image, and This Girl doesn’t want to make HBO mad by including. Instead, enjoy picture of Season 1 Arya and Syrio below!)


It seems impossible, but we never actually see Syrio die. He’s also originally from Braavos. He is (or, was) the First Sword of Braavos, and that translates to: He’s a pretty badass swordsmen. All along, it hasn’t made much sense that Meryn was able to defeat Syrio. It makes total sense for him to now be BACK and watching our Girl’s back. He was a pretty damn good teacher.

So now let’s get to the big questions, are you ready?

Is it possible that Syrio is actually a Faceless Man?

Is it possible that Syrio is actually Jaqen H’ghar?

Is he here to help Arya finally flee Braavos?

He is going to be the one to take down waif once and for all?


Not today.