Briana Hansen
Updated Jun 05, 2016 @ 11:48 am
the hound
Credit: HBO

Spoiler alert: Characters in HBO’s Game of Thrones die. Sometimes, they’re gone for good. Other times, our dreams come true and they return to the land of the living (which also happens to have zombie-like creatures and half-dead people, but that’s neither here nor there).

If you’re not caught up yet, consider clearing out your schedule and watching a marathon of GoT so you can join in the fun speculation with the rest of us. Here’s a sassy Margaery Tyrell wondering why you haven’t already done so.

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Ever since Cersei announced she will be having a trial-by-combat against the Faith and that The (new-and-improved) Mountain will be her hero, everyone has wondered who will be the brave soul to fight him (it?) this time. Which, of course, has lead to tons of speculation that The Hound (The Mountain’s left-for-dead brother) will be making a return for the much anticipated Cleganebowl.

If you recall, the last time we saw The Hound, he was wounded, had become too weak to walk, and on his (seemingly) dying breath. Arya decides to leave him to die rather than finishing him off herself and we all assume that’s the last of The Hound.

While (obviously) nobody is making any promises or dishing out any specifics, big-name actor Ian McShane is confirmed to be making an appearance this season and has said publicly he’ll be playing “a much loved character everybody think[s] is dead.”

Of course, there are a lot of characters that we assume are dead, but that’s mostly because we’ve actually seen them die (in often gruesome and unforgettable ways). In this world, you can’t really confirm that someone is actually gone until you actually see the lifeless body or know somebody for sure got the job done (like Brienne did for Stannis Baratheon).

But the line between the living and dead in the Game of Thrones universe is getting grayer by the minute. And while we obviously don’t love Ceresi Lannister (other than Jaime, who could?), we do want to see somebody at least put up a decent fight to The Mountain. And who better than his (also almost once-dead) brother?

Basically, if Cleganebowl does go down, it will be one of the most epic fight scenes we’ve ever seen on TV. (So let’s certainly hope it’s true!)