Jen Juneau
January 16, 2016 7:10 am

This week, Jennifer Lawrence did what she does best (even if she’s too humble to tell you herself): She won a big award. This time it was the Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Golden Globe for her title role in Joy, a film about a woman who comes from very little and creates a business empire.

However, Lawrences’s achievement has been little overshadowed by some buzz about how she spoke to a reporter in the press room right after the show. She joked about how the reporter was on his phone while he was questioning her, and said he needs to live more in the now. Many have torn Lawrence to shreds over this with claims such as, “Maybe he was reading his questions off his phone!”

But some people have had enough – including Anne Hathaway, who won a Golden Globe and Oscar for her portrayal of Fantine in Les Misérables the same year (2013) Lawrence won both for her role as Tiffany Maxwell in Silver Linings Playbook. In fact, Hathaway’s eyes could apparently only roll so hard (we feel you, girl), because she took to Facebook to express just how ridiculous this outrage really was, and why.

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It’s hard to pick a favorite part of this empowering, no-effs-given post. There’s the beginning, “Dear the Internet,” which lets you know something is about to go down. There’s the blatant message of, “Hey, you know how we undermine women’s accomplishments by tearing them down over things we don’t really fully understand? Let’s maybe stop.” But I think my personal favorite part is when she signs it as “A J-Law Fan,” proving she’s just as obsessed with Lawrence as the rest of us, and throws some poignant hashtags on the end.

While Hathaway may be the biggest name coming to our collective BFF Jennifer Lawrence’s defense, she isn’t the only one. Other reporters who were in the press room at the time have shone some light on what went down – seemingly, that Lawrence was her strong and awesome self who wasn’t interested in having her time wasted. It’s hard to argue with someone who was actually there and saw exactly what we didn’t see.

We are giving major kudos to both Hathaway and Lawrence for demanding the respect they deserve not only as artists, but as women. So often, women – even those who achieve great things, as these two have – are expected to be sweet and submissive, and are put down when they’re assertive. We can’t help but wonder how the Internet would have reacted if it was a man in Lawrence’s place, but for now, we’re so happy to have women like Lawrence and Hathaway to laugh in the face of these so-called standards. Thank you for fighting the good fight, ladies.

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