When did YOU fall in love with Anne Hathaway? Was it when you watched The Princess Diaries for the first time in theaters and realized she was your celebrity soulmate? Was it when you saw The Devil Wears Prada years later and felt spiritually connected to Andy in ways you never knew? Or was it when you cried all the real, human tears you were capable of crying when you watched Les Miserables? Chances are, you probably fell in love with Hathaway ALL of those times, over and over —because the actress is just kind of really lovable in everything she does. Including celebrating her birthday.

Today was the young A-lister’s 33rd birthday, and she quickly took to Instagram to celebrate it in her signature gracious-actorly way. She started with a throwback pic of her looking adorable at age 5, to her thanking her fans for their support to her pulling one of those “A wise man once said…” quotes out. Yeah. A-Hath went there. And it was the best.

In her caption, the birthday girl wrote,

Okay, Anne. You got us there. That’s a pretty beautiful sentiment, and judging from the hashtags you used we surmise that quote was from Leonard Cohen, and that’s pretty cool.

A-Hath, if you’re reading this, I hope you cranked up “Hallelujah,” road through the Hollywood Hills and danced like everybody’s watching. Happy birthday you wonderful woman!

(Images via Instagram)