Whether you’re looking for ink inspiration, or just wanna scroll through some pretty tats, ankle tattoos have always been subtly mesmerizing. Check out some of these beautiful little tattoos.

1. A tea bag.

2. This cat staring at the moon.

4. A leeeettle acorn.

5. A rose.

6. A casual cactus.

7. A baby pineapple.

8. The moon.

9. This ankle tattoo is A-Okay.

10. A chill mermaid.

11. Oh hello, Totoro.

12. The Boy Who Lived!

13. A single ocean wave.

14. Constellations.

15. An adorably round teapot.

16. A whale! (Moby Dick?)

17. One for Ziggy Stardust.

18. Tiny wing.

19. A dandelion.

20. This airplane for those with wanderlust.

21. Teeny, tiny Eeyore, because it doesn’t get much cuter.