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October 31, 2014 7:38 am

This post was written by Cara Lynn Shultz on The Dodo.

Having trouble sleeping? Skip the sound machine and learn how to catch some zzz’s from these critters who have mastered the art of relaxing. Privacy is important. 

First, make sure no one’s going to come into your room to interrupt your slumber.


Turn off the lights if it’s too bright!


Bedding matters! Get something soft that you can really snuggle up to …

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… because nothing feels better than curling up in a comfy spot that’s all your own.

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Some like keeping water nearby in case they wake up thirsty. And who doesn’t like a midnight snack?


Still can’t sleep? Maybe a trip out of town is in order.

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You’ll fall asleep as soon as you hit the city limits.

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Some fresh air will help you catch those must-needed zzz’s.


Still awake? Pull a Goldilocks and sleep in someone else’s bed. You never know what will feel “just right.”


When all else fails, hold on to your teddy bear and wait for sweet dreams.

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