Candace Ganger
May 31, 2015 7:00 am

Summer is pretty much the best. Warm weather, beautiful sunsets, and weekend cookouts make for the most relaxing season all year. But as much as I love the sweating, bathing suit anxiety, and hair-expanding humidity, there are some who can’t wait for summer to be official. Here’s proof that animals love summer more than any human, ever.

They like to swing.

Part of experiencing summer means going to the park and it doesn’t matter if you have no kids, human kids, or furry kids because swings don’t discriminate. There’s no better way to catch a cool breeze on a hot day than hunkering down on a swing, kicking your legs (or paws) up and pretending you’re actually flying. Just ask this fella who seems to be having the best day ever.

They play in the sprinkler.

When I was little, just having a hose was enough to make for a fantastic summer day but add a sprinkler and BAM! Instant fun. And if you’re feeling parched, just open your mouth (aka jaws). You’re welcome.

They play in pools.

I’m not sure who loves the water more, children or baby elephants, but this picture is all kinds of proof that when it’s hot, nothing feels better than frolicking in some cold water.

They scuba dive

Cats have dreams, too. That time you went on that tropical vacation? Your feline might have been stewing about how to get invited on the next trip.

They relax on the beach.

Maybe it’s the sound of the waves, maybe it’s the sand that gets stuck in weird places, but humans aren’t the only ones who want to feel the sand beneath our toes. Fetch this kitty a hammock and a margarita, and the day is made.

They rule at surfing.

I admit, I am not graceful ,and balance is not a strength of mine. So when I see this picture of a completely adorbs llama, I have to say, I’m totally jealous. Summer belongs to these two for the win.

They frolic in the sun.

Playing fetch is SO much better in the summer because BEACH! By the smile on this dog’s face, there’s no better way or time to play then right here and now. #happysummer

They don’t mind swimming alone.

I’d like to think this bear is too cool for school and that maybe s/he rejected the idea of having friends over to share in this tiny pool. Because TWO bears in a small inflatable pool would just be silly.

They love summer treats.

Cold food tastes AMAZING when it’s scorching hot outside. I don’t know why, but it just does. We aren’t the only ones who think so, either. Popsicles and ice cream are just a few of the tasty treats animals savor when summer strikes and they might be less messy with it than my two children. Just saying.

They feel sad when summer ends.

When all that Vitamin D, late night summer soirees, and pool parties comes to a close, we aren’t the only ones who go through a funk. Animals like Bailey the dog wish it could be summer all year-long so next time you find yourself thinking “I love summer more than anyone!” Snap yourself out of it because these animals probably love it more.

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