Nicole Daddona
Updated December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas, everybody! Here’s your holiday present: a bunch of ridiculously cute animals freaking out over the fact that it’s the holidays.

1) This pug cannot with this Christmas tree hat.

“I just. I can’t.”

2) This dog cannot handle the heavy responsibilities that come with being St. Nick.

“I have to come down what now?!”

3) These cats, who despite their best efforts, just cannot handle posing for an adorable holiday card.

“We will have our revenge.”

4) This hamster who just cannot with this beard.

“Beards are over.”

5) This cat cannot even with this outfit.

“I’m done.”

6) This ferret that cannot handle the pressure of being a Christmas tree.

“No more. Nada. No.”

7) This poodle that cannot with your holiday singing.

“Stop right there. No.”

8) This monkey that’s so over kids mistaking him for Santa.

“Do I even look jolly to you??? Do I?!”

9) This chimp that just can’t with the wrapping paper.

“Maybe if I just… Ugh… I give up.”

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