Kenya Foy
January 13, 2017 9:18 am

When the handlers are away, the pets will play. Case in point: When the Oregon Zoo closed for a snow day, the animals that were left without the company of their human friends didn’t waste the time moping, longing for interaction or waiting on a snack. A worker who skied through the snowed-filled streets of Portland (which is another story altogether) to check in on the zoo’s residents shared video from the visit that not only proves that  animals are naturally funnier than all of us, but they know how to spend a snow day better than we do, too.

Seriously, we wouldn’t mind chillin’ (literally and figuratively) with these seals, polar bears and otters because they are exceedingly capable of having the time of their lives, even when no one else is around to entertain them.

Um, who needs hot cocoa and a fireplace when you can just do this:

Instead of letting the blizzard ruin your plans, you could also do this:

Ugh, who else wants to give these adorable animals a huge squeeze? We imagine all of those weird noises coming from the arctic might be coming from these animals because everyone — no matter the species — tends to get loud and rowdy when they’re having a good time.

After all, the Oregon Zoo residents have been known to destroy and devour Halloween pumpkins and we know that couldn’t have been an event filled with quiet animals.

Either way, we can’t get enough of these awesome animals and we are definitely taking notes from them on how to combat cabin fever during our next snow day.