Candace Ganger
Updated May 23, 2015 @ 10:49 am

Animals are weird and for me, the weirder, the better. Those unique rascals are the ones who entertain all hours of the night and make any bad day better. I’m not just talking about cats who steal socks or stand on two legs, or even dogs that play dead, either. I’m talking a whole other level of weird and why it makes them so awkwardly, apologetically awesome!

“Fainting” goats who hate being startled

According to MythBusters alum, Tory Belleci and Kari Byron, TennesseAnimae fainting goats are a special breed born with myotonia congenita, which is a condition that causes the leg muscles to tense up in moments of fear or surprise. While they’re not actually fainting, when the muscles spasm, it causes these little dudes and dudettes to fall over like trees. The lesson here? Although they make a great re-enactment of what low blood sugar looks like, no surprise parties for these guys.

Barking cats. Because meowing is too obvious.

Can cats really bark? Veterinary behaviorist and professor at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, Nicholas Dodman, says yes! “The arrangement of the cat’s larynx, trachea and diaphragm is similar enough to a dog’s that if they operate the machinery in the right way, it will produce a noise that’s like a bark.” He goes on to explain the noises can be caused from a “sudden rush of air through the air passage” if the cat is overly excited.” By the lack of barking in my house, my cats obviously don’t know what fun is.

And because goats are cray, here they are screaming.

Goats are way more than trash-eating, fainting mammals. Nope. They also have lungs of steel and will use them for nearly any reason. Whether it’s being handled, wanting fed, or looking for their young, prepare to cover your ears or laugh your butt off (or both). Experts say all goats and sheep have a unique voice all their own, much like humans. so while some might just sound like an ordinary farm animal, the next could sound exactly like your mother the moment she discovers the haircut you gave your little brother to “help her out.”

A talking dog because this is the future.

While scientists argue a talking dog just mimics “I love you” for the treats, based on a pattern, and has actually no idea what they are saying or why, what you can’t argue is how completely adorbs this is. If I could train my cats to do this, well, they’d detest the idea so nevermind.

Birds who mimic everything are THE coolest.

Like people, birds use their pipes to woo the ladies when looking for love. This one in particular, the lyrebird,starts by shaking his ultra-plush tail feathers and then when the ladies take notice, then starts this series of bizarre mating calls that, I assume, he overheard deep in the city.

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