Candace Ganger
April 11, 2015 6:00 am

In seventh grade, my Animal Science teacher gave the option to “adopt” a classroom pet for extra credit. So, for a full weekend, I had the responsibility of caring for something I knew nothing about – a ferret. At first, I thought “how cool!” But when things around the house started disappearing, my mom and I were baffled. Then, one day I’d dropped something and knelt down to look under my bed. To my surprise, I stumbled upon a plethora of things we’d been looking for – clothes, shoes, a doll, keys, and lots of things we needed. They had been hidden by the ferret who, little did I know, was a full-blown criminal. These days, my youngest cat (a stray who thinks she’s lived a hard knock life), has a serious issue stealing socks. Sometimes it’s the whole pair while others, just one and the other? MIA forever.

What’s the deal?

Animals are sneaky. They see something they want, like your sandwich or underwear, all morals go out the window. They don’t play by our set of rules because they’re so awesome, they don’t need to. And by the level of cuteness overload, I hope they never do. With things like Instagram and YouTube, it’s easier than ever to capture the little thieves in action and I’m beyond grateful for that.

Just take a look at this Scottish Fold caught stealing underwear. Caught in the act, that look of shame is enough to keep this video on repeat (not that I’ve done it…)

This seriously awesome compilation captures everything from raccoons to zebras taking whatever the hell they want and it’s pretty much the best things I’ve ever seen.

Monkeys rule the world with their ninja-like moves.  I mean, just look at their mad skills! You win, Internet.

Dusty the klepto cat, a 5-year old Siamese from San Mateo, California, is America’s top cat burglar. Hundreds of neighborhood items have been stolen by Dusty, usually at night where he’s been identified through surveillance via Animal Planet. Dusty’s owners have used the opportunity to give back to the shelter he was adopted from as a kitten. But something tells me Dusty still hasn’t learned his lesson and BTW, he has my heart.

Not to be outdone by a feline, this yellow lab knows how to get the job done like a pro. Beware: This video is a reminder that animals are really friggin’ smart.

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