Kittens Catalina Springs
Credit: Pima Animal Care Center/

Basically everybody loves kittens, right? Seriously, how can you not love tiny baby cats? Upsettingly, however, kittens that aren’t weaned from their mothers before being separated have a low chance of survival.

That’s why this animal shelter has teamed up with this assisted living facility to help save orphaned kittens.

Now, we totally obsess over cute cats on Instagram, baby animals in general, and have already started planning our cat’s Christmas presents. But this story about how the Pima Animal Care Center in Arizona has joined forces with the Catalina Springs Memory Care facility to help save the baby cats is the sort of heartwarming and positive news we need in the world right now.

Two kittens, Peaches and Turtle, made their way over to Catalina Springs in October to launch the program.

Weighing just 7 ounces each (!), the two little ones needed round-the-clock attention and feeding. That’s where the residents of Catalina Springs stepped in.

The idea was the genius move of Rebecca Hamilton, Catalina Springs’ health service director, who also fosters kittens herself. Approaching the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC), Hamilton thought that teaming up the needy kittens with the residents of the care home could serve two purposes, helping the kittens stay alive and giving the residents something to care for.

The program, has also proven successful, too!

Since arriving at Catalina Springs, both Turtle and Peaches have DOUBLED in weight thanks to the love, cuddles, and feeding from their new carers.

As reports, the two kittens will soon be taken back to PACC to be spayed and adopted. In fact, a nurse from Catalina Springs will hopefully be taking the two critters home after falling head-over-heels in love with them both.

Catalina Springs resident, Thelma Bradfield, was particularly taken with Turtle and Peaches.

According to a statement released on Facebook by PACC, the program has helped saved the lives of these kittens.

Explaining how before they didn’t have the resources to support all the animals that came through their doors, the animal shelter thanked the residents of Catalina Springs.

Well, isn’t this just the sweetest, kindest, and most wonderful story you’ve heard in AGES. With all the negativity and misery that gets reported, it’s so nice to see people reaching out and helping others.

Hopefully, thanks to programs like this one, more tiny kittens will have the chance to survive, and the residents of Catalina Springs will have something wonderful to look after.