Teri Wilson
July 07, 2015 7:19 am

We at HelloGiggles love interspecies friendships between animals. I mean, who doesn’t adore seeing a kitten cuddling up next to a baby owl? Or a dog who is besties with a lamb? Not only are these precious combos fun to look at it, but they give us hope that living creatures can overcome their differences and live together in harmony. I mean, in a world where a cat can nap with an owl, maybe we can all get along? Right?

In the spirit of world peace, let us introduce you to the cutest, furriest ambassador of all things warm and fuzzy. Behold, Bob the Golden Retriever:

Um. Hey there, Bob. You’ve got something on your nose.

Don’t worry. Bob knows! That affectionate yellow bird is just one member of Bob’s amazingly diverse and super-duper sweet animal family. Bob’s household consists of one (unbelievably stoic) dog, one (ridiculously adorable) hamster and eight (yes, EIGHT) birds. Wowza.

You really need to see it to believe it.

We love how chill Bob seems with the whole situation. Just another day hanging with eight birds and a hamster . . . whatevs. As laid back as he seems, Bob (who has his own Facebook page, because of course he does) is pretty much the patriarch of this bunch.

To wit, he oversees playtime.

He keeps a well-balanced household.

And makes sure all the ducks . . . well, just birds in general . . . are in a neat little row.

I can’t believe this, but it even appears he’s taught the finches how to play dead. Well done, Bob.

What’s this? Oh, just a bird whose pillow is a hamster whose pillow is a dog.

Seriously, we just can’t get enough of this loving little family!

And wait, just wait, until you see what bedtime looks like at Bob’s house!

Night, night, Bob and friends!

We’d say sweet dreams, but it looks like you’ve got the “sweet” part under control.