Angelina Jolie, one of our all-time favorite writer-director-actress-humanitarians and all-around amazing human, was honored last night at WSJ Magazine‘s Innovator Awards at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Angelina was given the honor of 2015 Entertainment/Film Innovator, which is perfectly fitting. She writes, directs, acts, pours her soul into her work, and is basically an icon in the industry. Oh, and she also happens to be married to Brad Pitt and is a mother to six children. The woman can multi-task like nobody’s business.

In the wake of her award, the latest issue of WSJ magazine features an in-depth interview with Angelina, and she touches a bit on her family life with all those adorable kids, who happen to think that she and Brad are…wait for it…giant dorks. (Um, seriously? Have they seen Mr. & Mrs. Smith? We’re thinking not.) In the interview, she says, ” We wake up, we make breakfast. In our domestic life, we’re Mom and Dad. And often we’re dorky Mom and Dad, which the kids find ridiculous.”

We can’t help but wonder what this means. Are they secret LARPers or something? (Because if they are, that is AWESOME.)

Jolie also talks about her family with regard to her health issues, which she’s written about in not just one, but two moving op-ed pieces for the New York Times. She says, “I want to make sure my kids are never worried about me. Even if I’m going through something, I make sure they are very aware that I’m totally fine. I’ll stop and make a joke. I talk to them. I never, ever want them to have that secret worry and feel that they have to take care of me.”

That doesn’t sound dorky at all. Actually, that sounds like a brave and loving mom. Brad agrees. “You have to understand that this is a woman who never knew she’d make it to 40. This is a woman who had watched her mother, aunt and grandmother become sick and eventually succumb, all at an early age. Her drive, her absolute value in herself, is defined by the impact she can have during her time here — for her kids and for the underprivileged and those suffering,” he says. Those are admirable goals that all of us can aspire to, whether or not we ever set foot on a red carpet.

The interview touches on Jolie’s professional life too, of course, and features a photographic spread taken by Peter Lindbergh of Angelina looking natural and absolutely gorgeous.

Angelina’s new movie, By the Sea, hits theaters on November 13, and by all accounts, is a beautiful film about life and loss. Which really shouldn’t come as a surprise since she’s the writer-director-star. It’s also the first time she and her husband have appeared in a movie together since 2005. We are SO there.

[Images via Twitter.]