Sophia Elias
Updated Feb 04, 2015 @ 10:35 am

New York City-based rapper Angel Haze has officially reappeared on our musical radars. Finally, after a year-long hiatus, she’s back with a fresh new love song entitled “Candlxs.” Aside from the track’s dance-worthy sounds (and by dance, I mean sensual shoulder wobbles), it’s an affectionate ode to Haze’s girlfriend, Ireland Baldwin, and we’re swooning at our laptops.

A slight departure from her previous work on her debut album, Dirty Gold, “Candlxs” shows a more intimate side to Angel Haze. She explained on her Tumblr that,

The painting, which has an impressively childish/Basquiat type of vibe, shows Angel and Ireland sitting side by side in a flowery abyss. Aah, dontcha just love it when artists pour their hearts into their work?

“Candlxs” comes as the first song off of Angel’s forthcoming album, T.F.A.B.N., otherwise known as The Flowers Are Blooming Now.

You won’t need to wait too long for some hot new Haze, though! Angel announced on YouTube that she and her producer, Troy Noka, will be releasing a three-song EP entitled In The Winter of Wet Years within the next three weeks (YES). Until then, we’ll be waiting anxiously by our keyboards like bunny rabbits on a busy street. . . and listening to “Candlxs,” of course.

Check out the lovely track below:

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