Sophia Elias
June 30, 2015 7:18 am

If you thought the trailer for the new Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, was enough to send your heart into a tailspin, this next piece of news might have you grabbing for the tissues.

Just days before Amy is set to hit select theaters, A24 Films released yet another beautiful (albeit heartbreaking) clip of the late songstress.

The footage shows a 14 year-old Amy singing “Happy Birthday” to her friend, Lauren Gilbert. Even in her early teens, Winehouse’s voice was wrought with a rare soulfulness that is still beyond compare. Seeing her boundless potential shine through at such a young age only adds to the devastation of her untimely death.

This is just one of the many never-before-seen clips that will be included in the forthcoming documentary.

Directed by Asif Kapaida (Senna), Amy takes an intimate look at the life, career, and untimely death of Amy Winehouse. Aside from rare footage and unreleased songs, the documentary is set to include interviews from ex-boyfriend Blake Fiedler-Civil, her friend/collaborator Mos Def, and her producer Salaam Remi.

The film hits theaters in Los Angeles and New York City on July 3rd, followed by a nationwide release on July 10th. Until then, you can catch the clip, below.

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