Emily Baines
May 04, 2016 11:47 am

We love Amy Schumer. She’s the best friend/sister/role model we’ve always wanted. And, if we needed any more proof of this (which we didn’t), she gave it to us when she took over a Vanity Fair employee’s Tinder account for part of her profile with the magazine. Hilarity, as you’d expect, ensues… along with quite a bit of dating wisdom!

Some of our favorite Amy Schumer Tinder wisdoms include:

Upon stumbling upon a profile picture of a man and his guitar: 

“You’re 35 like I’m 25. A guitar in the picture is a big red flag.”

(Later, Andrea, the employee whose account Schumer was using, admitted: “I actually don’t have a problem with the guitar.”)

On men not wearing shirts in their profile:  

“If you’re not wearing a shirt in your profile photo: Stop. Stop.”

On Comedians:

“Comedian? No. That’s a huge red flag, I know that from people trying to date me.”

On men’s profiles in general: 

“Every guy has snowboarding/surf pics. And a dog. And a picture where they’re in Europe drinking a little digestif. Like, chill out — you’re not James Bond.”

 On low confidence: 

“A guy who has a three-shot in his main profile picture shows no confidence. Like, look, I have friends!”

Despite these gems, poor Andrea, meanwhile, spent most of the Great Tinder Experiment squirming because she forgot to disable her texts and her phone was blowing up. Schumer’s many followers, however, predictably loved the video and are now Tweeting their deep desire for a show totally focused on Amy taking over other people’s Tinder accounts.

We can all agree that fun was had and lessons were learned: Mainly, let Amy Schumer take over your Tinder account at your own peril. (Sorry, Thomas the fireman!)  That said, we’ll all have Amy’s advice (and commentary) in mind next time we’re swiping on Tinder.