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Amy Schumer does not have time for your silly, rude interview questions. The newly-crowned box office queen had her movie, Trainwreck, open HUGE in the States, but now it’s time to bring the movie elsewhere around the world. That’s where she found herself in an interview with a rather off-putting interviewer, and Schumer, being Schumer, put him in his place.

There are actually two interviewers involved here, both from Australia’s KIIS 101.1. One of them, Jane Hall, mentions that Trainwreck “made [her] cry” and calls the movie “beautiful.” So, yeah, Hall can sit with us anytime. The other interviewer, Matt Tilley? Eh, not so much.

He asks if Schumer has ever head of the word “skanky” in America. Schumer immediately replies, “Aww, what made you think about your mom?” before she completely shuts him down with, “That’s a rude question.” And it is a rude question. There is no need for that kind of question, let alone talk, in any sort of interview — and it is most certainly not a question Tilley asked Shumer’s co-star, Bill Hader.

Tilley tries to save himself by explaining that Schumer’s character, Amy, is that kind of person in the movie. Tilley then tries to move the interview deliberately into “car crash” territory — his own words! He brings up that Schumer’s character is a “trainwreck” in the movie because “drinking and cheap sex” is what drives her. To which Schumer simply replies, “No.”

Is it super awkward and uncomfortable for both Schumer, and us? You bet! But she handle it like a pro, never fueling the string of questions with outrage. Instead, Schumer continues to remain poised, eloquent, and completely in charge. Let’s keep her around as our box office queen forever.

You can watch the whole interview below, and remember this for later: don’t cross Amy, because is is not afraid whip out some “your mom” jokes.

(Image via YouTube.)