Briana Hansen
June 12, 2016 11:32 am
Comedy Central

Leave it to Amy Schumer to take something as seemingly innocent as a mermaid tail and turn it into something absolutely hilarious.

ICYMI, Amy celebrated a birthday on June 1 (Happy Belated, Amy!), which means she likely got a lot of fun and funny gifts from her comedy friends. But one gift she decided to try on and post about was particularly hysterical.

Let’s break down all layers of typical Amy-style humor that are happening in this one shared moment. First of all, she’s wearing a giant blue mermaid tail while lying on a living room carpet. There’s no way that could have happened without everyone in the surrounding area absolutely cracking up. Meanwhile, she’s still sporting a cute checkered top that accidentally completely matches her mermaid bottom half even though we’ve literally never seen a mermaid sporting that look in any story ever.

But the best part of this (and the most Amy part) is the goofy look she’s got on her face behind her shades combined with the fact that she’s holding an entire bottle of wine. It’s typical Amy to joke about drinking a little too much and she makes us laugh about it every time.

Comedy Central/Giphy

This one little picture (just like Amy herself) effortlessly makes us LOL. She gives a shout out to her friend @mugsykane for the gift which she called “perfect for her weekend plans.” If only we could hop on a boat and join for all these weekend shenanigans because we have no doubt they’ll be the most fun the high seas have seen in a long time.