“Amy Schumer’s done it again” is something we’re probably going to be saying a lot in the future, not-so-distant future, and well… right now!

Do you recall when the comedian surprised us all by pranking Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West? Just in case you have no idea what we’re talking about, let’s do a quick recap: on the TIME 100 Gala’s red carpet, Amy Schumer dove in front of the couple because she firmly believes that “falling is the funniest thing.” (In this case, we definitely have to agree.)

She later revealed, on The Graham Norton Show, that Kanye “did not crack a smile at any point.” The evidence:

Now, almost nine months later, we have a feeling that Kanye might have the opposite reaction when he sees this glorious recreation:

Then again, he may not be a fan of the Mr. T-type doll that was made to replace him… but at least Kim’s Barbie looks top-notch in her miniature gown!

To round out 2015, the @adollworldafterall Instagram account has been recreating some epic moments from this past year – but with doll versions instead of actual humans (because that would be a scheduling nightmare)! Before long, in a beautiful twist of fate, Amy Schumer saw the above replica, fell in love, and decided to bestow this gift upon the world via all her social media channels. She even made sure to thank the doll enthusiast for creating this Kim, Kanye, and Amy doll-based world.

We also have to admit that the prank-fall is just as funny the second time around – even with the doll replacements.

Now do yourself a favor and check out this “Hotline Bling” recreation.

[Images via Twitter and Instagram]