Don’t tell Amy Schumer to smile. Yes, she has a beautiful smile that could light up the world and/or launch a thousand ships, but if she doesn’t want to smile she’s not going to. Especially for any sort of picture where she’s hanging out with two of Hollywood’s most powerful players. Amy Schumer doesn’t care if the fact that she doesn’t smile suddenly makes her the center of attention posing with Bradley Cooper and Judd Apatow. If Amy Schumer wants to scorn, she’s going to.

Which is exactly what she did during the GQ Men of the Year party. Coming across Cooper — who Schumer has made clear she loves — the two snapped a pic together. And while the picture of the two of them alone is worth a thousand words, it looks as if at least 900 of them are, “go away, Trainwreck director Judd Apatow.” Her face is all of our faces upon learning there’s a third wheel inching in on the prized Cooper turf.

And guess what? Since Schumer is a beautiful comedy goddess, this is not the only time she’s made some sort of priceless face when met with a new and unusual situation. Her facial expressions are all of us – when we need her most.

Like, the time you really want to say, “congratulations!” but actually think otherwise.

Or that feeling Christmas morning when you get the bottle of wine you asked Santa for.

How about that moment when you’re recognized for outstanding work, but like, you KNOW your work was the absolute best and you decide not to deny it anymore.

When you and your friends come across, “this guy?”

That moment when you realize you’ve made a huge mistake letting your best friend peer pressure you into something.

The true, facial manifestation of #blessed.

When you and your friends come across, “this guy?” part 2.

Moments after you learned Kimye had named their new baby, “Saint West” and you’re so shocked and happy you fall to the floor out of sheer excitement.

Ugh, and when Steve Carrell says he is also thinking about jumping into your Bradley Cooper picture. Byeeeeee.

Amy, please promise us you’ll never change.

Images via Twitter, Instagram