At a press conference over the weekend for her new film Trainwreck, actress, comedian, and hilarious human Amy Schumer spoke about everything from shattering traditional gender roles to loving her body just the way it is.

“It’s very therapeutic for me to be like, ’Yes, I’m not going to look like a malnourished bird,’” she said, “and I like speaking to that, as well as speaking to my work and what I’m doing.”

Schumer (with her trademark take-no-prisoners wit) perfectly nails just how empowering it is to love yourself, both inside and out — and she’s definitive proof that the results are glorious. Her remark was not meant as an attack on those who skew skinnier, either. Instead, Schumer inadvertently brings light to just how important it is that popular media is representative and celebratory of a diverse range of body types — because we all deserve to feel proud of our bodies.

Of course, it’s not the first time that Schumer has addressed the problem of narrow body image standards in Hollywood (and beyond). Schumer is the master of tackling tough-to-talk-about topics through sharing her personal experiences with an excellent sense of humor. In celebration of all the awesome things she’s had to say about body image in the past, here are just a few of her most inspiring quotes.

1. “I am a woman with thoughts and questions and s–t to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story — I will. I will speak and share and f–k and love and I will never apologize to the frightened millions who resent that they never had it in them to do it. I stand here and I am amazing, for you. Not because of you. I am not who I sleep with. I am not my weight. I am not my mother. I am myself.”

2. “I feel very comfortable in my own skin. When someone makes jokes about me being heavy, it makes me mad. It’s not true. I’m right where I should be.”

3. “I want to throw my hands in the air after reading a mean Twitter comment and say, ‘All right! You got it. You figured me out. I’m not pretty. I’m not thin. I do not deserve to use my voice. . . All my self-worth is based on what you can see.’ But then I think, f–k that.”

4. “I am a size 6 and have no plans of changing. This is it. Stay on or get off.”

5. “Get your self-image from your relationships with the people who know you. No matter what’s going on, I know I’m a really great sister, I’m a great friend and that’s who I am. And I can feel beautiful and sexy without it all being about feedback.”

6. “People get mad at confidence and they wanna knock it down. And you need to know that’s gonna happen and just hold onto it. I have moments all the time when I don’t feel good about myself and I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, but I always find my way back.”

7. “No, I’m not going to apologize for who I am, and I’m going to actually love the skin that I’m in. I’m not gonna be striving for some other version of myself.”

(Images via Comedy Central)