Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 15, 2016 @ 10:13 am

The oldest mall in America has been turned into apartments, and we’re *so* fascinated. Located in Rhode Island, The Providence Arcade was built nearly 2 centuries ago in 1828 as the first major shopping mall in the country. Now, it houses loads of low-cost mini-apartments, and the transformation is so ridiculously cool.

Credit: Northeast Collaborative Architects / ncarchitects.com•-providence-rhode-island/#

Now, though, it’s been transformed into micro-lofts that house students, young people on fellowships, and the type of super busy person who doesn’t need much space at home since they’re, well, never home. The article by Kirsten Dirksen in Fair Companies explained how everything went down, and it sounds totally amazing.

Evan Granoff was the mind behind the unique transformation.

The apartments, which are around 225 square feet and cost $550 a month, about half of what the average apartment costs in the area.

And we thought our apartments were tiny. We can only imagine!


It’s hugely popular.

Almost all of the lofts were rented as soon as they were offered up, and there’s now a waiting list.

They’re actually super cute and very trendy.


The bottom floor holds onto the mall’s roots while the top floor is all micro-apartments.

There are zero chains, but there are fashion and art design shops all along the bottom floor, keeping it partially commercial.

It’s actually *so* cool, and apparently doesn’t at all feel like living in a mall!

Credit: Northeast Collaborative Architects / ncarchitects.com•-providence-rhode-island/#

Learn more about the micro lofts by watching the video below!