Anna Gragert
Updated Dec 30, 2015 @ 6:33 pm

One thing we absolutely love about the American Girl company is that they work hard to make all girls feel included in their community. Girls coping with cancer or alopecia can customize their dolls without hair. Hearing aids and wheelchairs are also available, so every girl can have a doll that looks exactly like them.

Nonetheless, there are certain illnesses and disabilities that haven’t yet been integrated into the American Girl Doll lifestyle. According to Woman’s Day, 11-year-old Anja Busse noticed that there were no accessories for dolls with diabetes, which is why she created a petition asking American Girl to fill this gap in their product collection.

“I feel so different now and my whole life has been turned around,” Busse wrote in January 2014, after mentioning that she’d been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes three months earlier. “I want to have diabetic accessories for my American Girl doll so she is just like me. I just want everyone to feel good about themselves [even] if they have something ‘wrong with them.’ Whether they have a disability, blindness, [deafness], diabetes, and so much more! It’s important to feel good about yourself!”

With 4,335 supporters on Anja’s side, American Girl paid attention and they’ve recently released a diabetic care kit for their dolls (which will officially be available on January 1st!).

“American Girl has a long history of creating items that speak to diversity and inclusion, and the diabetes care kit is yet another way we are expanding in this important area,” American Girl spokeswoman Stephanie Spanos told the Los Angeles Times. In addition to the diabetes kit, they will also be releasing a set of doll arm crutches for the new year.

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