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Meet Miles. As his mom Gina DeMillo Wagner explains on her blog, The Daily B, Miles just wanted two things for his 6th birthday. Legos and an “American Boy” doll.

“I wasn’t surprised to see a doll on his list,” Gina told her blog readers. “He has an older sister, and they play together every day. She loves playing superheroes and various sports with him, and he loves playing My Little Pony and American Girl with her.” In fact, Miles’ sister had received an American Girl “Truly Me” doll, customized to look like her, when she turned 7. So of COURSE Miles wanted a doll that looked like him. The only problem is they don’t MAKE “American Boy” dolls. So Gina took it upon herself to make the doll herself. She scoured eBay and found an 18-inch Madame Alexander doll that, with a haircut and some makeup removal, would look just like her fair-haired boy. She then found a Spiderman costume via eBay for the “American Boy.”

Once the doll was dressed and styled, it was time to present to her son, a sweet surprise that she captured as a video on Instagram:

Miles ended up naming the doll “Fred Jones” (yes, perfect), and Gina took a snap of her son and his new doll:

Plus, son and daughter’s dolls hanging out on the couch together, utter perfection.

We love how resourceful Gina was and how she totally got her craft on to make her son’s big birthday dream come true. We hope the Pleasant Company takes note, and that “American Boy” dolls become a thing for little dudes who want the option of toting around a mini-me just like their sisters. Until that day comes, though, you can follow Gina’s super-simple DIY instructions over on her website.


(Image via Instagram and Twitter)