Emily Baines
February 13, 2016 7:43 am

If any of you follow me on Instagram, you’ll quickly discover that I love myself some filters. Valencia is a personal favorite of mine, followed by Mayfair. Whenever I post a perfectly-filtered photo on Instagram, I feel like the picture is ten times better than it was sans-filter. I think most Instagrammers feel similarly.

So it makes total sense that the folks over at Canva would take it upon themselves to do a study of the most popular Instagram filter. And, surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), everyone in America loves the same exact one: Clarendon!


The folks at Canva pose the following suggestion as to why Clarendon is the most popular filter:

I mean, can you blame people for liking Clarendon? Look at the kind of photos it turns out:

After studying the most-used filters (in America, Gingham and Juno take second and third place, respectively), Canva also studied the most “liked” filters by category. For example, they discovered that the most-liked Instagram #nature photos are those using the Valencia filter. “With an average of 121 likes per post, this favored filter ups exposure and warmth and intensifies dull colors.” Again, no surprise there:

Just gorgeous. I love the crispness Valencia provides.

When it comes to food photos, Skyline is the big winner. “With an average of 91 likes per #food photo it’s applied to, Skyline takes images to the next level by intensifying colors – ideal for anyone trying to eat (and share) the rainbow.” Great. Now I want to go take photos of my dinner. I don’t care if it’s a reheated slice of pizza!

I’ll be honest, Skyline looks awfully nice on nature photos, as well:

I highly recommend checking out Canva’s findings for yourself. The researchers uncovered a lot of interesting data that any of us wanting to create an Instagram presence would find helpful. And for those of us who don’t care about creating a presence, it’s still darn fascinating data. Here’s a fun fact: The most popular selfie filter is no filter at all.