Chances are, most of us are fans of Amazon, especially their ~amazing~ deals. Well, on April 8th, Amazon tweeted an image of an ironing board, reported Refinery 29. But, people are sure the image is NSFW. Yup, Not Safe For Work, so if you’re there now, you may want to read this later. It happened when Amazon sent out a tweet about the day’s deals. And, yes, pictures and images can be left up to one’s interpretation. However, if a majority of people agree on the image-in-question, it’s another story.

Without keeping you in suspense any longer on this image, here was Amazon’s tweet. See what you think they’re advertising.

It doesn’t help that the ad does not specify what the product is — the aforementioned ironing board. So, naturally, people took to Twitter trying to figure out what Amazon’s selling in the above ad. Get ready to LOL.

Finally, someone asked Amazon Help for an answer.

Yes, an ironing board cover! We all knew that, right?! 😉

One thing’s for sure — at least Amazon had people clicking on their ad and talking on Twitter!

In any case, we’re betting Amazon’s ads may be clearer in the future…